12 maja 2022 roku

Komitet Geodezji Polskiej Akademii Nauk serdecznie zaprasza do udziału w seminarium naukowym, które odbędzie się w dniu 12 maja 2022 r. o godz. 12:00 w formie zdalnej. Referat pt. Geodetic contributions to climate research”, wygłosi Prof. Dr.-Ing. Annette Eicker z HafenCity University Hamburg.

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Streszczenie wystąpienia

The growing data record from numerous geodetic observation techniques (e.g. satellite gravimetry, GNSS station observations, satellite radio occultation and reflectometry, satellite altimetry, etc.) allows a new quantitative view on various variables relevant for climate research such as terrestrial water storage, ice sheet and glacier mass, tropospheric water vapor, ocean currents or sea level. Geodetic methods provide unique information on the Earth' s surface geometry, its orientation and large scale mass transports caused by fluctuations in the Earth’s water cycle. Many of these observations can be related to Essential Climate Variables (ECV) according to the definition by the Global Climate Observing System (GCOS) and thus provide excellent tools to improve our understanding of climate related processes. Geodetic time series start to reveal a complex picture of natural climate variability, long term climate change, and anthropogenic modifications. This presentation will give a general overview of the potential of geodetic observations for studying climate signals and will highlight some specific examples provided within the framework Inter-Commission Committee on "Geodesy for Climate Research" (ICCC) of the International Association of Geodesy.