Scientific Conference on „Contemporary problems of basic geodetic networks in Poland, 14-16.09.2016, Grybów

20th Polish Scientific Symposium „Photogrammetry for geoinformatics”,19-21.09.2016, Wrocław


Scientific Seminar on „Geodynamic Studies with the Use of Modern Achivements of Geodesy, 01-02.09.2015, Józefosław

8th Polish Geoinformatics Symposium „Modern geoinformation technologies in the modeling space information”,17-18.09.2015, Warsaw-Serock


19th Polish Scientific Symposium „Remote Measurment Methods for 3D Modeling”,18-19.09.2014, Poznan-Wasowo

Scientific Seminar on „Real Estate Validation ”

19th International Scientific-Technical Conference "NAVSUP'14", 24-26.06.2014, Gdynia

Scientific Conference on „Geodetic Measurement Systems for Construction Industry”26-28.06.2014, Warsaw

Scientific Conference on „Implementation of Geodetic Networks and Geodynamics Problems, 25-27.09.2013, Grybow


7th Polish Geoinformatics Symposium „Geoinformatic the Integrated Tool for Spatial Research”,11-14.09.2013, Warsaw

Scientific Seminar on „Geodynamic Studies with the Use of Modern Achivements of Geodesy  ”, 17-18.06.2013, Jozefoslaw/Warsaw

14th Czech-Polish Workshop "On Recent Geodynamics of the Sudety Mts. and Adjacent Areas", 21-23.10.2013, Jarnoltowek

Scientific Conference on „Current Problems in Engineering Surveying”14-16.03.2013, Warsaw/Bialobrzegi

Scientific Conference on „Geographic Information Modelling for Geoinformation Infrastructure Construction, 15.04.2013, Warsaw

Scientific Conference on „Evaluation of Quality of the Satellite-Based Positioning in Real Time and Safety of Navigation”, 19-21.03.2013, Deblin

21st Scientific Conference of the Scientific Society of Real Estate, 27-29.05.2013, Wroclaw


Scientific Conference on „Designing of Mobile Geoinformation Applications”, December, 2012, Warsaw

5th National Doctoral Students Conference in Geodesy and Cartography Discipline, 17-18.05.2012, Warsaw

24th Geodetic Scientific and Technical Conference „EUROmatic 2012”31.05.2012-02.06.2012, Puszczykowo/Poznania

Scientific Seminar on „Contemporary Problems of Basic Geodetic Networks and Problems of Defining National Reference Systems”18-19.10.2012, Grybow

28th Polish Scientific Seminar on „New Challenges for Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Cartography in the Face of Modern Geoinformation Systems”,22-24.09.2012, Kazimierz Dolny


7th International Symposium on „Mobile Mapping Technology”, 13-16.06.2011, Krakow

6th National Geoinformation Symposium „Map in Geomatics”, 21-24.09.2011, Polanica Zdroj/Wroclaw

Seminar on „If Modern Geodesy Can Exist Without Geodynamics?”, 17-18.10.2011, Jozefoslaw/Warsaw

12th Czech-Polish Workshop on Recent Geodynamics of the Sude­ty Mts and Adjacent Areas, 20-22.10.2011, Jugowice

European Geosciences Union General Assembly, 3-8.04.2011, Vienna, Austria

17th International Workshop on Laser Ranging “Extending the Range”, 16-20.05.2011, Bad Koetzting, Germany

Symposium of the IAG Subcommission for Europe (EUREF), 25-28.05.2011, Kiszyniów, Moldavia

25th IUGG General Assembly “Earth on the Edge: Science for a Sustainable Planet”, 28.06-7.07.2011, Melbourne, Australia

Journées 2011 Systèmes de référencespatio-temporels“Earth rotation, reference systems and celestial mechanics: Synergies of geodesy and astronomy”, 19-21.09.2011, Vienna, Austria

10th Jubilee Scientific and Technical Conference dedicated for memory of Professor Stanislaw Pachuta „Current Problems of Engineering Surveying", 24-25.03.2011, Warsaw