PhD, DSc, Eng. Anna Barańska, Assoc. Prof., is a graduate of master's studies in mathematics, completed at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Jagiellonian University and master's studies in geodesy and cartography (the award of the Minister of Regional Development and Construction for the master's thesis), at the Faculty of Mining Surveying and Environmental Engineering of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. In 2003 she obtained the philosophy doctor degree in technical sciences at the Faculty of Mining Surveying and Environmental Engineering of AGH, based on doctoral dissertation defended with distinction. Habilitated doctor of technical sciences in the discipline of geodesy and cartography in 2011 at the same Faculty of the AGH. She has been continuously conducting scientific work since 1998, first at the Department of Terrain Information (since 2007 - Department of Geomatics) at the home Faculty of AGH and now at the Department of Integrated Geodesy and Cartography. She is a laureate of the AGH UST Rector's scientific, didactic and organizational awards.

As part of her didactic work, she conducts classes at first, second and third cycle studies in the field of real estate valuation, statistical models and related subjects. Since 2008, he has been the head of Postgraduate Studies in Real Estate Estimation. In 2016-2020 Faculty Vice-Dean of Science.

Publishing achievements include several dozen works in the field of real estate management and the use of statistical methods in the development of data from the real estate market. She is the author of one handbook for his own lecture in the field of mathematical statistics and two monographs on the use of statistical methods in real estate market analyzes and real estate valuation.

Member of the Disciplinary Commission for AGH Academic Teachers since 2012, member of the Jury of the Professor Władysław Takliński since 2016, working on the organizational committees of several scientific and jubilee conferences.

She works actively on the boards of two associations: Real Estate Scientific Society - in the function of vice president for several terms, Association Ne Cedat Academia - in the function of treasurer for several terms. She is a member of the editorial committees of several magazines as statistical editor (Real Estate Management and Valuation and Geomatics and Environmental Engineering) or thematic editor (Geoinformatica Polonica and Geodesy and Cartography). Since 2014, she has been a member of the Geoinformatics Commission of the Polish Academy of Arts and Skills and since 2020 has been a member of the Geodesy Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences.